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As a Pet Owner, why should I choose Fido’s Surgeon to handle my pet’s specialty surgery?

If your pet requires specialty surgery, Fido’s Surgeon is a better option than other surgeons or hospitals. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Specialty Surgery Performed By a World Renowned Expert
    Fido’s Surgeon is headed by Dr. Dennis Aron, an internationally acclaimed professor of veterinary surgery. Your pet will receive only the finest care from a top surgical expert who brings decades of experience to the operating table. Dr. Aron will meet with you personally to discuss all your concerns about your pet’s surgery and aftercare.

  • Post-Surgical Management
    Other specialty surgeons typically do not offer any services other than the surgery itself. However, Fido’s Surgeon is unique. Dr. Aron and his staff can implement post-operative Coaching for your pet. By having the specialty surgeon involved in the follow-up of your pet’s case, the risk of complications is greatly reduced. Furthermore, after your pet leaves the clinic, we continue to provide comprehensive individualized post-operative support so that you will feel confident administering post-surgical care at home.

  • Participation in Your Pet’s Recovery Process
    It is common to feel helpless when a beloved pet is ill. Now you can take an active role in aiding your pet’s recovery. Fido’s Surgeon will teach you a unique rehabilitation and exercise program tailor made for your pet by an expert Coach who will help you maximize your pet’s healing process.

  • Aftercare That Focuses on Inner and Outer Wellness
    At Fido’s Surgeon, rehabilitation is not just about physical healing – we also care for the mental and emotional well being of your pet. Conventional rehabilitation usually focuses on treating wounds and managing exercise. But Fido’s Coaching service offers you a more sensitive, WHOLE-istic approach -- one that appreciates the individualized requirements of your pet’s mental and emotional constitution. Fido’s Coach has many years of experience in the field of animal behavior. Through frequent, ongoing evaluations, she will “listen” to your pet and carefully tailor the rehabilitation program so that it promotes recovery on all levels: body, mind and soul.

  • All Services are Located Under One Roof
    Fido’s Surgeon allows you the convenience of staying with your own veterinary clinic and rids you of having to worry about finding a new clinic that can perform your specific surgery. You will be able to remain with your primary care doctor whom you already know and trust.

About Fido’s Surgeon

Established in 2008, Fido’s Surgeon is headed by Dennis Neil Aron, DVM, Dr. Aron Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS). Dr. Aron is a world-renowned professor of veterinary surgery and a board-certified surgeon who is recognized for his expertise in orthopedic surgery, neuro surgery, soft tissue surgery, oncologic surgery, fracture repair, joint reconstruction, total hip replacement and wound management. He has also established techniques in the field of rehabilitative medicine that have set national and international standards.

Dr. Aron has over thirty five years of experience teaching and practicing in the field of specialty surgery. He is also a widely published researcher, an international lecturer and a recipient of numerous awards.

Dr. Aron, Fido's Surgeon, is pleased to bring his wealth of experience in specialty surgery to the greater San Diego, CA area. He and his staff offer expert specialty care to veterinary clinics in San Diego County. Please see our Staff page for full details on Dr. Aron.

Specialty Surgery...With a Difference

Specialty surgery is a vital part of today’s system of veterinary care. Most veterinarians do not have the advanced training required to perform specialty surgery. Therefore, they need the option of contracting with a specialty surgeon to perform certain operations.

SurgeryBut as it stands today, this system is far from ideal.

Typically, specialty surgeons offer surgery only – no rehabilitation services, no personalized aftercare and zero to minimal follow up with the pet owner. Other than the surgery itself, responsibilities related to the operation and aftercare are placed upon the owner and referring veterinarian – a different doctor with a busy practice of their own, who has little knowledge about the surgery and little time to devote to its aftercare. As a result of this system, risks are created for the owner and patient, along with a host of potential problems for the referring veterinarian.

That is why Fido’s Surgeon has developed a new and unique approach to specialty care. Not only do we offer specialty surgery but additional rehabilitation and aftercare services as well. This way, treatment does not end after the surgery is over. Surgery is only one part of a comprehensive case management plan that includes rehabilitation and follow up -- the patient’s case is directed from start to finish by the surgeon himself.

At Fido’s Surgeon, we offer a unique post-operative care program called “Coaching.” Coaching involves creating and implementing a personalized post-surgical plan tailored specifically for the individual patient. This plan also includes developing “hands on” rehabilitation techniques that can be taught to the owner, who can then apply the techniques to the patient at home on a daily basis under our guidance and support.

The key to our Coaching program is communication. Coaching involves continuous dialogue with the owner -- we encourage questions and then listen to feedback as we carefully monitor the patient’s progress through the stages of recovery. Along with frequent physical evaluations, we also provide education and post-surgical support. Our goal is to work closely with the owner on a continuous basis so they can make informed decisions about their pet’s surgery and feel competent while administering any post-operative care that may be required once their pet goes home.

We at Fido’s Surgeon are proud to offer you this unique approach to specialty surgery and aftercare. Our new system promises to:

  • Help reduce the risk of specialty surgery
  • Maximize the recovery process for the patient
  • Allow the pet owner to participate in the rehabilitation process, and
  • Reduce workload for the referring veterinarian while bringing added benefits to their clinic

At Fido’s Surgeon, we understand the distinct needs of the patient, the pet owner and the referring veterinarian. As a result, we offer a “win-win” situation to everyone who participates in our system of care.

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As a Veterinarian, why should my clinic use Fido’s Surgeon for specialty surgery?

Fido’s Surgeon is a unique service that offers specialty surgery plus Coaching -- a unique rehabilitation and after care program. Here are some of the ways this benefits you as the referring veterinarian:

  • Continuing Aftercare and Follow-up Services
    Typically, it is the specialty surgeon’s job to “cut and run” -- they travel, do the surgery and depart, leaving the primary care doctor with the responsibilities of follow-up. However, Fido’s Surgeon is different -- we are able to handle all aftercare, at your clinic. As the referring veterinarian, you will not have to put extra time or resources into these duties.

  • Full Case Management
    At Fido’s Surgeon, Dr. Aron assumes responsibility for the patient’s case and will meet with the owner personally to discuss all details of the surgery and rehabilitation. This keeps you out of the awkward position of having to answer questions about an operation you did not perform, and managing a case you are not familiar with.

  • Extra Revenue
    When contracting with Fido’s Surgeon, X-rays, blood work, anesthesia and other pre- and post-operative necessities are all handled “in house” so that you, the referring veterinarian, get to keep this revenue.

  • All Instrumentation is Provided
    With Fido’s Surgeon, all surgical instrumentation is provided; yours remain untouched.

  • New Clients
    Should you turn away new clients because you are unable to provide specialty surgery, you risk losing those clients, plus their future business to other clinics or hospitals. However, hiring Fido’s Surgeon allows you to take on new clients, and helps to ensure their future business at your clinic when they later require other routine-type care.

  • Protection From Losing Established Clients
    Should you have to direct established clients away from your clinic to seek specialty surgery elsewhere, they might not return to you for further routine care. Established clients, no matter how loyal to your clinic, dislike having two veterinarians, and if they can get service they need at one center they will likely stay there. Therefore, contracting with Fido’s Surgeon could protect you from losing established clientele to your competitors.

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