Dr. Aron was Staff Surgeon at Veterinary Surgical Specialists, a large surgical practice in San Diego, California, from 2006 to 2008.  He then went on to create Fido’s Surgeon with his wife, Lorraine Aron, RVT, LATg, VTS (ECC).  Together, they are excited to bring you this new approach to veterinary surgery, rehabilitation and aftercare, by offering veterinarians expert specialty surgery on contract, along with personal “hands-on” Coaching aftercare.



aron picFido’s Surgeon: Dennis Neil Aron, DVM, Diplomate ACVS
An Internationally Recognized Leader in Veterinary Medicine

A Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), Dr. Dennis Aron is a renowned leader in the field of veterinary medicine. His work as a surgeon, professor and researcher is recognized internationally, and has helped advance the clinical and educational practice of veterinary surgery. Dr. Aron’s special interests include orthopedic surgery, fracture repair, joint reconstruction, total hip replacement, neuro surgery and wound management. Further interests lie in the area of physical rehabilitation, in which he developed a “hands-on” rehabilitation and home exercise program that has been implemented across the United States and Europe, via invited national and international lectures. Today, Dr. Aron continues to pursue exciting research that crosses many boundaries, blending veterinary medicine with relevant principles from the fields of engineering, computer science and educational psychology.


Educational Background

Dr. Aron graduated from Ohio State University Vet School. He interned at Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey and completed his residency at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, in Ithaca, New York (1978). During that time he was also a visiting resident in surgery at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington.  As well, he completed postdoctoral training in Internal Fixation of Fractures and Nonunions at Ohio State University (1977).  He then went on to start the surgical department at the Sacramento Animal Medical Group in Carmichael, California where he was Staff Surgeon until 1980. 

Academic Career

During the 70s, Dr. Aron began his vast and productive career in teaching.  In 1978 he became Assistant Professor at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York.  Then in 1980 he became Assistant Professor at the Department of Small Animal Medicine, University of Georgia, becoming Associate in 1987 and then Full Professor in 1995.  

For almost three decades, Dr. Aron taught veterinary orthopedic and soft tissue surgery to veterinary students, interns, and residents.  He has also designed and taught numerous courses to practicing veterinarians and specialty surgeons across the nation.  Under his direction, several new course innovations were implemented at the University of Georgia, which focused on creating simulated “real life” orthopedic experiences for students studying orthopedics/neurosurgery and advanced surgery case management. 

Dr. Aron is also an invited national and international lecturer, and has spoken and presided at numerous scholarly and professional presentations.


Throughout his career, Dr. Aron has published extensively, with over 60 scientific journal articles and 19 book chapters to date.  He was also a reviewer for numerous periodicals including Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association and American Journal of Veterinary Research.  Some of the various topics he has explored in his articles include external skeletal fixation, pneumothorax, luxation and shear injuries of the tarsal joint, laryngeal paralysis, pain assessment and biomechanical analysis using finite element analysis.  Dr. Aron continues to be a prolific writer and educator, and has a number of journal articles, chapters and books in progress.   

Recent and Current Research

In addition to his writing and current practice with Fido’s Surgeon, Dr. Aron has been recently (or is presently) involved in collaborative research with colleagues at the University of Georgia, Louisiana State University and the University of Bern, Switzerland.  This exciting research is knocking down borders between various scientific disciplines, blending veterinary medicine with the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence, biological engineering, educational psychology and the development of instructional technology.  Some of his current projects include:

  • Applying the engineering principles of finite elemental analysis to external skeletal fixation systems in order to help veterinary surgeons better assess appropriate interventions

  • Developing software that promotes active learning experiences for veterinary students while exposing them to principles of bioengineering which are applicable to fracture management

  • Developing methods of teaching junior surgery that promote dynamic, active thinking in students as opposed to passive, “cook book” style approaches to fracture treatment

  • Developing multimedia-based case training for students of small animal orthopedic surgery

  • Developing rehabilitation techniques which owners can easily perform at home that mimic the effects of underwater treadmill rehabilitation used in clinical practice to promote progressive controlled mobilization

For further details about Dr. Aron’s current research, please click here.


RainyFido’s Coach: Lorraine Aron, RVT, LATg, VTS (ECC)

• Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

• Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATg)

• Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency Critical Care (VTS [ECC])

Rehabilitation Coach Lorraine "Rainy" Aron completes the staff at Fido’s Surgeon, providing expert postoperative aftercare.  Rainy is a licensed veterinary technician and has served as the ICU Nursing Supervisor at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the University of Georgia.  She also served as the Veterinary Technician Rehabilitation Supervisor for Veterinary Surgical Specialists in San Diego, CA, before creating her own rehabilitation company, Fido’s Coach

As Coach for Fido’s Surgeon, it is her task to create an individualized “hands on” rehabilitation plan for each patient and to coach the owner on how to implement this plan at home on a daily basis.  Rainy provides expert postoperative support that takes into account not only the physical but also the mental and emotional needs of the patient.  Her understanding of animal behavior comes from decades of experience along with her commitment to a therapeutic modality that prioritizes listening to the animal and openly communicating with the owner. 

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